Driving new business to practitioners

Wellbooki is a wellness marketplace connecting practitioners to corporate loyalty and employee benefit programs.

Encouraging Australia to engage wellness and wellbeing services, online and in-person.

Connect with millions of Australian consumers

National Pharmacy 

A household name with the fifth-largest loyalty program in Australia consisting of more than 7 million members, this program is Australia's biggest health and beauty loyalty program.

Top 4 Banks

Partner with some of our nation's leading banks by providing access for their bank loyalty members to tap into earning and spending loyalty point schemes by booking wellness services.

More to come

We are always growing our corporate network and will continually partner with Australia's leading loyalty programs. Join today and let us introduce you to a growing network of new customers.


Free to join and risk-free. A 20% commission (the majority of which is used to fund the customer reward such as Priceline’s SisterClub points) is only applied once you receive a booking and you’ll even get paid for ‘no shows’.

Wellbooki is a better way to advertise your business with no up-front costs.

How it works
  1. Click the button ‘Join Now’ below to create your free account
  2. List your online services (i.e. online nutrition consultations, online class) and set your booking preferences
  3. Set up payments with PayPal, this will allow you to receive online payments (we can help create you one for free)
  4. Once approved, your business will be listed and consumers can discover your business and book with you
  5. You will be notified via email and/or SMS when you receive a new booking with all of the customer’s details

For practitioners providing wellness services online & in-person.

Now recruiting yoga, pilates, consultants, counsellors, coaches, therapists and all natural therapy modalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellbooki?
Wellbooki is an online wellness marketplace, connecting practitioners with thousands of customers who want to better their health and wellbeing. We are the easiest way to book all your wellness needs online and in one place.
Who will use the Wellbooki marketplace?
The marketplace is accessed by millions of people who are members of Australia’s leading loyalty and reward programs. These are members who want to see value in their loyalty program so proactively engage in the rewards they provide.
What is a marketplace?
A marketplace is an online platform where you can search for the services you want to book. Think of flight booking websites like skyscanner or webjet, they are marketplaces for booking flights. Wellbooki is the marketplace for booking wellness services.
How do I receive payment for the service?
Full payment net of commission will be automatically paid into your account at the time when the booking is made. 
When do I know a booking has been made?
Every time a booking is made on wellbooki you will be immediately notified.
Do bookings need to be confirmed by me?

When creating your account, you can select if you would like to receive instant bookings, i.e. a client can book instantly when they have found you on the wellbooki marketplace and there is a time slot available. You can also choose to receive booking requests which means you will receive an email asking you to accept a booking requested by a customer. Either way you have complete control over your availability. 

How can I ensure I don’t get double bookings?
By creating an account, you will be given access to a dedicated appointment calendar. This will ensure only your available times are shown. You can also block out times when you are not available to take appointments (e.g. if you have a scheduled appointment from outside the marketplace).
I already have a calendar with another program, can I integrate this?

Unfortunately most booking system providers do not share booking data with external systems, however, you can set up a two-way synchronization with Google Calendar to update your availability in real-time. Please note, nabooki is unable to guarantee uninterrupted functionality of this feature as this a 3rd party service.

Am I charged for being listed on the marketplace?
No, being listed on the marketplace is completely free.
Am I charged for business that I receive from the marketplace?
Yes, but are only charged when you receive a booking. The charge is 20% of the appointment value plus PayPal standard fees. The commission on payment is shared with our partners in order for them to incentivise their customers to book your services.
Can I opt out of the marketplace?
Yes you can. There is no lock-in - you can stop your bookings or even remove your marketplace listing at any time.
How do I opt out of the marketplace?
Whilst we will be sad to see you go at any point you can ‘opt out’ of a program. Simply email support@wellbooki.com
How do I update my details?
You will also get free access to your own dedicated bookings portal, which will allow you to keep your marketplace listing up to date, to control and manage marketplace bookings and availability.